Thursday, June 7, 2012

Designer Spotlight: Dori Csengeri

I am pleased to feature select pieces from world renown jewelry designer, Dori Csengeri, on the blog today. Dori is an Israeli jewelry designer of haute couture jewelry, all hand embroidered. She has a background in textiles and combines her skills in creating unique and stunning jewelry which is internationally acclaimed. Dori's jewelry is award winning and she has offices in Milan, Barcelona, New York, and Tokyo. 

Read more about Dori Csengeri HERE

Here is just a snapshot of some pieces in her collection:

Caesura Collection
Vibrant coral red and lustrous teal are the inspiration of the season. This un-expected tropical color pair has never been more flattering, with its radiant rich colors complementing one another so well while offering a spicy twist to any outfit. Seen everywhere on the fashion runway, the captivating coral & teal duo will be sure to be the "talk of the town" this spring.

Envie Collection
Enticing green and blues from lime to aquamarine and azure demonstrate the array of nature's colors with accents of red and fuchsia that vitalize the hot-cool fresh sparkling vibrancy. Easy, pure geometric shapes allow light and reflections start a dance of happiness and unexpected rhythm.

Quadrille Collection (My favorite!)
The sensual embrodiery of Quadrille is cleverly manipulated into three-dimensional compositions.Lively bright colors and sumptuous patterns inspired by East European embroidered skirts rhythmically fluttering and whirling in courtship dance.

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