Sunday, December 26, 2010

"There is no occasion too small for a giant bow"

On the last day of school for the semester, as I was throwing an eclectic mix of clothes in my suitcases, one of my best friends came running in my room to deliver my Christmas present. The present was a magazine ad from White House Black Market with the following quote.
"There is no occasion too small for a giant bow..." 
It not only provided today's inspiration, but also was one of my favorite gifts! Sometimes something so little...can say so much!

I have an obsession with outlandish accessories such as flowers, bracelets, scarves, and bows. Certainly bows seem to fit the heads of girls making their way to the first day of Kindergarten...but in my opinion, there is no reason it should stop there!

Find a way to pull off your accessories, so they are fun and festive, yet still maintain a classic and stylish vibe. The following images are all about bows. Enjoy!!

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