Friday, September 28, 2012

Transitioning White Denim

As I had posted yesterday, white denim doesn't have to be reserved for the spring and summer months. Especially since fall is just beginning...and the weather is still tolerable in certain areas, wearing white jeans can be a perfect way to ease into your fall wardrobe.
This outfit is perfect for a date-night or evening out. Peplum is a perfect fall trend and this rich brown top will be a great color to make sure your white bottoms are balanced for fall. I also love the pops of orange. The accessories, a combination of neutral animal tones, are perfect touches!

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Friday's Favorites:

great interior, with the color schemes as above. i love the sleekness with the white and the dark brown is a perfect contrast element bringing form and structure to the room, without being too heavy.

champagne night with the girls this weekend!

brighthouse baubles launched this week! be sure to check out their fabulous products (including the bubble bracelet featured earlier this month in my giveaway). happy shopping!

Also, be sure to check out an addition to my site, I have a page "The Twirler's Dream Closet" which you can access as one of the above tabs. I am crushing on a lot of fabulous clothes and I think my readers would love them too. Happy Weekend, toodles!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

white denim into fall

What I'm Wearing Today:
white denim, white over-size blouse, chocolate brown barn jacket, dark brown suede tassel loafers, leopard print silk scarf.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

bread delivery

I'd love to be walking down a street with a fresh baguette under my arm today. 
Thinking french chic!

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Sidewalk Skimmer

I have been loving the Madewell Sidewalk Skimmers, you might have seen me feature them in some of my Friday's Fancies outfits over the past few months!
I received a pair in cobalt blue from my Pops for Christmas last year and, thanks to this month's Birchbox treat ($25 off an order of $75+), I am picking out a different color/print to treat myself to before the end of the month. 
Which pair would you pick?

I'm trying to choose between these...I'd love any suggestions!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall Game Day

Today's outfit is inspired by fall season tailgates. I am part of an organization at school which sponsors "Red Alert" games for each sport. During their seasons, the teams request one event that they'd like our organization to sponsor and encourage students to come and cheer them to victory. 
We try and provide incentives like free tailgates or snacks like cookies & lemonade. 
So far, it has been a huge success and I have really enjoyed watching the different games!
Here's an outfit that I think would be perfect for those crisp fall days:

Fall Game Day
Shop the look:
American Apparel Leggings (I swear by them!)
L.L.Bean Boots Rubber Mocs

Friday Favorites:

dreaming of vintage tailgates.

two of my inspirations this week: leopard loafers & hot pink (minus the maxi)

me and grandlittle, lauren!

it's bid night tonight. i am kappa alpha theta's recruitment i am super excited for our new members tonight!

Have a fabulous weekend, toodles!

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

leopard loafers

I love leopard flats because of their versatility and absolute chic factor. I don't have the print in a loafer style, but an "anklet" flat (flat with the ankle strap). Regardless what shoe style you have, make sure to invest in a leopard flat at some point!

Loving EVERYTHING about this outfit!

leopard flat

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

well worn leather couch

Few things are more welcoming than an open seat on a long loved leather couch.

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