Friday, January 31, 2014

Build a Classic Wardrobe

Taking cues from the style greats!  
It is so easy to get lost in trends, and I feel better and more confident with my style by dismissing them altogether. Well, I guess that is a bit dramatic. I do own peplum, booties, and a couple of other items...but I prefer to style them my own way, tending to embrace a more classic route. I believe that if you want to consistently look stylish, you need to look back to the icons - wear their go-to pieces and pair them with your own flair. Seek the timeless. 
To create a timeless wardrobe, begin your collection with the foundational pieces; ones you can wear everyday and still look great. Think about it. How often to you see street styles images of women wearing their favorite denim, a white blouse, ballet flats, and a trench? If you ever explore my tumblr board - it's a frequent occurrence! 
In fact, it really can be quite easy to become totally chic! See below a collection of style icons sporting some of there trusted go-to pieces. Take their advice...and start creating your most stylish self. 

Audrey Hepurn - ballet flats

Brigitte Bardot - denim

Elizabeth Taylor - white blouse

Jackie Kennedy - the classic bag

Jane Birkin - trench coat

Jean Seaberg - breton striped tee

Jean Shrimpton - black dress

Kate Moss - black blazer

Princess Diana - equestrian boot

Twiggy - the white tee

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Monday, January 27, 2014

NYC subways in the 70s and 80s

This album, filled with graffiti decorated subways, gives a look back into the New York subway system from 30-40 years ago. The pictures capture not only the transportation aesthetic, but the diverse people who made their way in and out of the doors. How many things have changed - and how many have still remained the same. 
"Stand clear of the closing doors, please."  

Here are a sampling of some of my favorite images: 

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Sibel Mermelstein

When it's this cold outside (brrrrrr - Polar Vortex PLEASE GO AWAY), sometimes blooms are just the thing to make your heart warm.

As featured in W magazine, here's why you need to know this New York based floral designer:

"She has filled white ceramic Jeff Koons puppies with roses for the Gagosian Gallery; created an all-white heavenly scented tableau of candelabras, hydrangeas, freesia, and geraniums for Carolina Herrera; and designed countless 'thank you' and 'congratulations' bouquets at the behest of society ladies like Samantha Boardman and Marjorie Gubelmann. Over the course of just four years, with neither a storefront not any sort of advertising, Sibel Mermelstein - better known by her nom de bloom, Lady Fleur, has become the go-to florist for New York's upper crust. 
Mermelstein, an Upper East Side native, began her career nine years ago, when she landed a job with the floral design maestro Olivier Giugni of L'Olivier taking orders - and eventually buying flowers and handling customer service. In 2008, she established her own business, and in the time since, Mermelstein has built up the sort of word-of-mouth clientele that every petal pusher dreams of; she stocks some of the toniest homes in Manhattan on a weekly basis - some with upwards of 10 arrangements. Still, she doesn't always get carte blanche. One memorable bridezilla requested that all the flowers at her wedding - enough to fill the Pierre Hotel's two ballrooms - match her two ombre gowns, and she had a meltdown when the green hydrangeas weren't green enough. "She kept insisting they were actually white," Mermelstein remembers, "I honestly think she's color blind."

Visit her website HERE.
And the beautiful Instagram page. 

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Rodeo Collection

Tory Burch launched the Rodeo Drive Collection last week, in tangent with the opening of her store on Rodeo Drive in So. Cal. This collection has me head-over-heels. I love the white and coral color combination and the cuts are fabulous. It is the perfect modern spin of a glamorous pool party in Palm Springs during the 1960s. My first pick would be the white shift dress with the coral beading. I also think the tote and slippers, with the same white and coral combo, are just darling!

See below the video from the collection, some of my favorite looks of her line, and snapshots from the launch party!

Tory's suit is just fab, I would love to pull something like off...someday...when I can justify a robin's egg blue taffeta get-up :)
 And I love the white, blue + green peplum suit look. I think it would be perfect Easter attire! 





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Monday, January 20, 2014

How to Buy Vintage Clothing

I LOVE vintage shopping. Delaware, OH - the small town where Ohio Wesleyan was located - had about a half-dozen vintage shops. There were a number of Saturdays that I would disappear from campus and spend the day wandering throughout the town and exploring the vintage shops. My weekend shopping led to some remarkable finds including: a classic Louis Vuitton purse, a fabulous 1960s inspired dress, and the most wonderful fur coat. Talk about successful shopping trips! I think my parents thought I was a little crazy when I'd arrive home over breaks with my new wardrobe pieces in tow...especially that fur.
I enjoy wearing unique pieces that I won't be able to find other people wearing. I also have a classic style that I love to dress-up with festive pieces. It leads me to often think I should have been born in another generation, which makes shopping for circa 1960s attire so much fun! That said, my dress code isn't always the most practical as I tend to find an opera coat to be just as practical as many people would find jeans. 

Do you like vintage shopping? Any good finds? Let me know - I'm so interested to hear!!

If you haven't shopped vintage before, I came across this guide on how to buy vintage clothing. 
See the complete article on Style Caster.

1. Know the difference between vintage and thrift - "you may find great vintage pieces in a thrift shop, but you won't find thrift pieces in a vintage store."
2. Start with a classic - a classic black dress or a beaded cardigan are alway safe starter pieces
3. It's not size that matters, but undergarments - sizing standards have changed throughout the decades, but not as much as ladies undergarment styles. 
4. Know your eras - the easiest (and most wearable pieces) are ones from the 1960s to now. You don't want to look too costume-y
5. Why buy vintage vs. new - most older garments are made better than clothing today.
6. Do your research if you're looking to spend - vintage investment is best left to the truly educated
7. Tailor it - don't be afraid to spend the extra money to make sure the piece fits your figure
8. Feel the fabric - make sure the fabric is in good condition. You'd hate for a piece you fell in love with to fall apart on you
9. Say no to plastic - do not leave vintage garments in plastic bags

Read more HERE

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Friday, January 17, 2014

ice blue + coral springs

The best way to escape the winter blues is by pairing them with summer salmon! I had so much fun creating this look. I love the subtle details, the great pattern on the pants, the fabulous accessories, and classic pieces that can take your from summer evenings to colorful winter nights. What colors are you just dying to wear? And will you step out on a limb to wear them during the winter season?

Shop the look:

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

An Abandoned Apartment

A wealthy woman abandoned her French apartment after World War II and it was only recently discovered. A walk through this apartment is like a step back in time. The stunning furniture, art work, and other odds and ends have been left in impeccable condition - covered only with a thick blanket of dust. The suite is absolutely majestic and what an aesthetic treasure to be uncovered!

Read more HERE.

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