Thursday, September 25, 2014

La Maison des Carrés

The new address for silk scarves : La Maison des Carrés 

Hermés launched the most delightfully wonderful website devoted to their legendary silk scarves.  Designed by illustrator Pierre Marie (a former Hermés scarf designer) and artistic director, Bali Barret, the site takes you on a whimsical journey into the house of scarves. The fantastic virtual home includes a salon, treasure chamber, color-mixing kitchen, horse stable, cinema, and more. Barret explains the site as, "Both an online store offering an exceptionally broad range of our collection, and a place of delightful, constantly evolving experiences, tells the story of Hermés silk in an entertaining and unconventional way."

Additionally, Hermés launched Silk Knots, an app that teaches you how to style your scarf in elegant and stylish ways. See the sample video below. 

While I may not have a Hermés, I am still going to have a fashionably delightful time perusing their website and learning how to tying my scarves the truly trés chic way(s)! 

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Sally Singer - Fall Denim

Sally Singer, Vogue Editor, bought a pair of Levi's over a decade ago and they are still making a fashion statement, perhaps even more of a fashion statement than she could have even imagined. 
We all have items like that, our trusty "go to" pieces that seem to work, no matter the occasion, year, or season - and I think we should all have more, or at least I wish I had more. 
I am always on the search to add the perfect pieces to my wardrobe, with the hope that one day needing to add pieces will be unnecessary. I am not there yet. My closet (and family) could probably argue otherwise, but there is always that perfect and timeless staple on your radar. 
Granted, we all like to have statement pieces now and again, but nothing feels better than when your foundational pieces are secured. There is a sense of both fashion and, dare I suggest social or emotional security, when you have a relationship with your clothes - when you go out with your trusty trench, favorite jewelry, classic button down, etc., it's like you have an ally. And sometimes in life, we could all use a little ally. 

"I am always trying to touch the ground, sartorially at least, in a whirligig life. I like gold ball post for an earring. I like a gingham camp shirt. A plain windbreaker. And I feel these items buffer me, not just from the extreme aesthetic promiscuity that my career in fashion demands, but from the emotional zigs and zags that life throws up more generally." - Sally Singer

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Friday, September 12, 2014

breakfast to go ... or stay

This week has been a LONG one. Lots of late nights finishing projects for work and trying to get my fall calendar in order. It's amazing how many things kick back into gear come September - and so far there is no sign of anything slowing down soon. I think I am 'booked' nearly every weekend through the end of October. Phew. I am worn out already!
It hasn't helped that my phone is on the permanent fritz and has been shutting off for 18-24 hour intervals over the past month. It has gotten progressively worse and is such a hassle. Granted, I don't dislike being on a "tech sabbatical" (ask any of my friends from college), but this is a getting to be ridiculous. 
In the midst of all of this craziness, something as simple as spending a couple of hours in the morning morning sipping a hot beverage and eating a croissant sounds more than ideal - just the perfect relaxation. Granted I am not the best at 'relaxing,' I usually try to do a gazillion things at once (you should see me 'watch' TV). BUT -  if Paris was thrown into the equation, ultimate relaxation might be doable :)
Here's to the weekend, long morning coffee breaks, necessary sweet treats, and dreams of Parisian cafes - or whatever relaxation suits your fancy! 

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Caitlin McGauley wallpaper

One of my favorite illustrators, Caitlin McGauley, launched a wallpaper collection this summer. I love her punch-y prints and have been musing my dream house decor ever since. 
Caitlin said most of her designs started from "giant, free form watercolors" and she worked closely with a graphic designer to get the patterns in perfect repeat. She added that the printer was fabulous, resulting in wallpaper that looks like the patterns were printed right on the wall! 
The wallpaper is available for purchase at The Market: Studio Four NYC.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Amanda Brooks at Home in Oxfordshire, England

What have you enjoyed most about living on the farm?
"How much being outside has contributed to my general well being." - Amanda Brooks

Amanda Brooks is the the author of I Love Your Style: How to Create and Redefine Your Personal Style, published in 2009. She had become a fixture at fashion circuits and her network of equally stylish acquaintances is incomparable. Her fashion icon status earned her an exclusive position at Barney's New York. Despite any retail experience, she acted as fashion director and helped the department store with merchandising, trend lists, and filling front row seats for the biannual fashion show festivities. She was living the dream life of any fashionista, but put that all aside to carry out a different dream, one that might be as polar opposite as you can get to a city socialite! 
Two summers ago, Amanda packed up and moved her family from New York City to an old farm in the English countryside. The farm had been in her husband's (Christopher Brooks) family for generations. There was much speculation as to why the style icon decided to leave New York, disappearing from the fashion world entirely. Brooks did not deny that her time at Barney's was stressful, but she was quick to cite an inspiration for the move - Ree Drummond's The Pioneer Woman. She admired the idea of "having a career on your terms, anywhere." 
I follow Amanda on Instagram and her account is the best way to start the morning. Usually as I am wiping sleepies from my eyes, I'll pull open Instagram and see what the more 'exotic' accounts (aka the ones across the pond) have been up to while I've been in dream world. Amanda posts numerous pictures of dewy mornings in the English countryside with hounds, sheep, wild flowers, equestrian boots, and berry cobblers. You can almost hear the rooster cock-a-doodle-do and envision the sun slowly rise over the endless land, lighting the world with a soft glow - fields of gold. So beautiful and so serene. After seeing her pictures, nothing seems more perfect in life than pushing aside an old quilt, rolling out of bed, slipping on wellies and a Barbour to greet the horses. **A cup of warm tea optional**
 I didn't know Amanda's back story before following along her "farm table" adventures - but am even more intrigued. She has been able to keep up with her passion in fashion, recently collaborating with Zara this summer. And, she makes countryside chic look so good!

Below are a series of images taken in 2012 of the family in their countryside home.

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