Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Fling from Summer Wind

Welcome to Week 4 of the Spring Fling series, I hope you are able to find some fabulous spring selections today from sCe!!

I am so happy to be guest posting here at Twirling Clare!! I hope you will all hop over to my blog, Summer Wind and take a look around!
 Because I am a college student and live in a townhouse that's a little less than charming, it is hard for me to incorporate spring into my life in regards to interior design. However, there are little things that can help to brighten my space and make life more like spring! 
This is an inexpensive and easy way to brighten up your space. Plus, everything has a use! I swear by my Lilly Pulitzer note pads and other Lifeguard Press products. I've recently written a post about it, here! I also have the magnetic board and the dry-erase board. As a college student, both get a ton of use! 
Update the pictures in your frames! I like to update them at least 4 times a year. That way it changes things up and gives you something different to look at. Purchasing colorful frames is another way to add that necessary pop of color! I love the Kate Spade frames because they are great quality and come in both pink and green!
Cashmere throws are another way to brighten up your space. Put your plaid or dark colored winter throw in storage and cozy-up in a bright color. Pink is my go-to but I also love navy for a nautical touch!

Spruce up your bathroom and add a bright initial or monogram to your boring white towels! I have a set that is pale pink with a green monogram from Lacoste and they make me smile every time I pull them out!
Candles are definitely an easy and quick way to add some spring into your life. Pick a fresh scent like gardenia or linen. Remember to always be in the room when you are burning a candle and always blow it out every time you leave the room!
So those are my biggest tips for adding spring to your life! What are your quick, inexpensive, and easy tips for adding spring into your home? A big thank you to Clare for hosting me on her blog! Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

yellow leopard

Today I am wearing a vintage yellow coat, cropped pants, and leopard flats. 
Continue to have fun with colors and patterns. experiment this spring!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

March Madness

March Madness is in full swing as the Sweet 16 is dwindling down to the Elite 8. Two big "hometown" teams played last night, OSU and Cincinnati, with the Buckeyes securing a place in the next round. While I was home for break, I made a bracket which my brother Paul collects and keeps tabs on throughout the tournament. I have Georgetown, Baylor, Michigan State, and Syracuse in the Final Four with Michigan State and Syracuse playing in the Championship game and Syracuse walking away with the 2012 Title. 
With only 1/4 still in the running (luckily they were slotted as Champions!) I have nothing more suitable than to cheer on Syracuse and sport my orange and blue. 
Hope you are having luck with your brackets!!

Simple and sweet game day attire:
March Madness

H&M Jersey Dress (a recent buy for me!)*
Yosi Samra flat (I have a pair in red patent)

*I am loving this H&M dress I got last week while home on Spring Break. I have worn it a couple of times and it is a perfect multi-seasonal piece. It can work great in the winter with tights and boots and I am planning on wearing it throughout the spring with plenty of accessories, currently planning on a big flower pin to sport with the dress.

Check out more outfits on {long distance loving}

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Fling from Aspiring Kennedy

Welcome to Week Three of Spring Fling on Twirling Clare, thank you for joining me! I am so happy to share inspirations from the lovely Lauren of Aspiring Kennedy. She has been a wonderful help and also gave me so many tips on what places I should visit in England, when I am visit with a class in May!
I hope you enjoy today's inspirations as much as I have!!

Bonjour! I'm Lauren from Aspiring Kennedy getting to step in at Twirling Clare today. 
There is nothing more that I love than talking about what inspires me from my travels... 
and to get to include spring time to the mix? Bliss!

These days I'm caught between several worlds:
I'm an American
who lives in London
but living in Paris for the spring.

I have several images of "home" in my mind.

Luckily, I'm happy most places.

As long as there is my love, good food & sunshine.

After a cold winter, we are finally getting the later here in France...
and it's reminding me of the blissful spring we had in Oxford last year.

topshop blazer | burberry brit perfume | kusmi tea | mellor ware teacup

England in the sunshine is incomparable.

The flowers... the tea breaks in the garden.... it is all so perfect.

There isn't much that I love more.

{But to be honest, this spring in Paris ain't so bad either.}

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Fever

Well I was off on my calender date of the first day of spring. My apologies for the delayed inspiration...this just means that your second day of spring can be that much more wonderful. 
We have been pushing 80 degrees in central Ohio everyday since we've been back for spring break, spending far too more time outside in comparison to the library, and I have been having mixed feeling about whether or not I want this weather for the next 7 weeks of school (at the risk of my school work slacking). Eh, I think I'll pick the sunny skies!
Regardless, I felt it was perfect time to share a spring fever worthy playlist!

Spring Fever

Lido Shuffle Boz Scaggs
Mrs. Robinson Simon & Garfunkel
Just You & Me Zee Avi
Your Smiling Face James Taylor 
Here Comes the Sun The Beatles
Today's the Day America
Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is? Chicago
Free Falling Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
I Write the Songs Barry Manilow

Happy Wednesday and Happy Spring, Toodles!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Take a look at these reptilian styles, it's amazing what one can design for fabric. And it's just a dash of the exotic look for us to experiment with on these almost spring days!
I think the pattern on the silk looks fabulous.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

An Irish Kiss

A girl worth kissing is not easily kissed. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Fling from Brunch at Saks

Thanks for joining me on the second week of my Spring Fling series. 
I hope you are enjoying the featured bloggers and finding plenty of inspiration for this Spring!

Hi lovely readers of Twirling Clare! Annemarie from Brunch at Saks here. I was so happy when Clare asked me to do a guest post because I'm a huge fan of her blog and have loved getting to know her over the past year or so. With winter coming to an end in just a few days, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite spring-inspired home decor accessories. I've never been one to go full out for any season, but a few bright colored pieces throughout the home is definitely something I'd love to do this year. 
Here are a few pieces for spring that I love: 

Thank you, Clare! xo

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

signet ring

I have had a signet ring since I was 14. When I graduated from 8th grade I received my mom's old ring which was re-engraved with my initials. I requested that it be re-sized to work as a pinkie ring. Yes, I was not even a freshman in high school and wearing a gold signet ring on my pinkie...
Regardless, I have kept the look today and wear the ring today as it adds to my collection of other gold accessories like my bangles and cuffs.
Here are some inspirations for the timeless accessory:

Twirling Clare face-lift

As you can tell, Twirling Clare has gone through a bit of a "touch-up" process. I felt as though it was time to make the blog have a more updated look. I am thrilled with the layout and new header. I think this makes the site look much more professional and allows the reader to focus more time on the photo inspirations!

Danielle Moss, from Breakfast at Toast, worked with me on the blog designs. She has impeccably creative mind and has opened another site in which she provides services for blog updates and template designs. She includes a list of her services, an order form sheet, and a portfolio of the work she has done. If you would like more information about it check out Danielle Moss's Design Studio.

I can't begin to express how great Danielle was to work with and I love the new look. 

Let me know what you think about it!
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