Friday, February 28, 2014

Award weekend

Although the Tony's are my favorite Award's show - there is no denying that the Academy Award's Red Carpet is a MUST SEE event. MediaRunDigital created this infographic of the dresses worn by the Best Actress Oscar recipients, dating back to 1929. I love seeing the different styles worn throughout the decades. Dramatic ball gowns, skirts, pants, fur jackets - the Kodak Theatre has seen it all.  
I particularly like 1945 Ingrid Bergman, 1954 Audrey Hepburn, and 1999 Gwyneth Paltrow.
Do you have a favorite look?

I am most impressed that Katharine Hepburn worn four times and never accepted the award in-person. Some could say that's horribly rude - I actually think there's something respectful in her absences.
As someone who doesn't particularly like awards and accolade recognition, I feel like I can understand and relate to her sentiment. As she said, "As for me, prizes are nothing. My prize is my work." 

If you're in the mood for more Red Carpet snooping, take a look at Elle Magazine's slideshow of the Best Actresses' Oscar gowns AND Harper's Bazaar gallery of best Red Carpet gowns.

Enjoy the Oscar weekend, toodles! 

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Paper dresses

Talking about a demanding fashionista! 

This four year old has the most incredible wardrobe AND you won't even believe how it's created! 
Taking apart the arts and craft box, Mayhem's style is composed of paper and tape. The four-year became tired of her regular clothes and worked with mom to create absolute masterpieces. The stunning dresses are inspired from Disney movies, trips to the Aquarium, the Red Carpet, and more. The final products are unique, personal, and pint-sized. 
Huffington Post writes about the dress-up progression between mother and daughter. The journey has been going on for the past 9 months, with little sign of slowing down. 
The story is a beautiful and refreshing one. I love hearing of imagination explorations and Mayhem is especially charming. I hope she will always be an exemplary and creative spirit...I also hope that more children will have the resources and encouragement to create and explore. 

I think I might be more excited to see Mayhem's Academy Award creations than the Red Carpet itself!

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Bill Cunningham

The man who captures New York. 
The 84 year old photographer has trekked the streets of New York for decades, taking pictures of the people of city - not always the most fashionable or stylish, but those who happen to attract his fancy of the day. His rich expertise and passion for the fashion industry has produced work that is both representative of the avant-garde and the bourgeois. 
After dropping out of Harvard in 1948, he moved to the big city and began contributing to the fashion world. It was an impromptu shot of Greta Garbo that secured the publication of his first collection of photos in the New York Times. The year was 1978 and his series has been a regular Times feature ever since. 
While working for Women's Wear Daily in the 1960s, Cunningham recalled when he fell in love with the streets. He was attending a fashion show when he heard commotion outside, to see the excitement, he left the show and found a home on the curb. He has found himself there ever since, documenting the moments, the people, the city. 

Read more in this New Yorker piece

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Friday, February 21, 2014

the umbrella shop

While flipping through the New York Times Style Magazine during the holidays, I discovered the prestigious Umbrella Shop. I was charmed almost to the point that spending $350 on rain-gear seemed reasonable. I mean, a taffeta umbrella?? It's like a cocktail attire to dress-up the most miserable days. It sounds just marvelous. 

Read the magazine's recap below and explore the company website to umbrella shop! 

"For those who think an umbrella is just a piece of future detritus to be picked up outside a subway, abused and then sent to its grave in a trash bin, Michel Heurtault begs to differ. The pieces in his bespoke umbrella and parasol atelier in the Viaduc des Arts are like jewelry and are made to last. Entry level models, starting at about $350, are hand-stitched out of waterproof silk taffeta, each seam backed up with an additional strip of fabric for total impermeability. The range of handles includes vintage Bakelite, antique carved ivory, cocobolo, and lacquered wood. One model, made from black and white silk panels, tops a Macassar ebony trumpet handle with a sterling silver medallion studded with black diamonds. Heurtault goes all-out on parasols, and his handiwork will soon shade the milky skin of Mia Wasikowska in an adaptation of "Madame Bovary." 
Each piece is as much a pleasure to hold as to behold."

Visit the site

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Friday, February 14, 2014

valentine balloons

Happy Happy Valentine's Day!! 
This is one of my favorite holidays - even though I have never had a February 14th "sweetheart." Instead, I celebrate my many wonderful friends and loved ones.
This also happens to be my birthday weekend, as if I needed more cause for celebration!
A special thank you for being my sweeties!
I hope you have festive plans for the weekend!

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