Sunday, May 15, 2011

Style at any age

I just returned from Alumni Weekend at my school. One thing that I clearly noticed were the ladies (and men) who not only looked incredibly stylish and classic, but presented themselved well in all areas. I made sure to compliment as many as I could if I was impressed with their outfit. I dress with a semi-older generation style I am automatically attracted to their outfits (and therefore was incredibly sincere) but complimenting someone on their appearance is also much appreciated, no matter the age, It means the world to them! And I can second that...I love when I receive compliments on my get-ups.

 No matter how many gray hairs are taking over your head, the wrinkles forming on your brow...there is NO reason to not look the fabulous. Age gracefully...don't be afraid of aging. Make it seem effortless!  And a personal note from me, it is the men and women that have style (not necessary the trendy attire) that look the most fabulous throughout the years. Yves Saint Laurent said it best, 
"Fashions fade, style is eternal".


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