Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Costume Idea

Our sorority had a costume themed date party last weekend and I dressed as Sandy from Grease. My entourage of dates were all perfect Greasers! I didn't have to find anything extra for my costume. I wore my J.Crew Minnie pants, Kate Spade wedges, a tank, a gold skinny belt, and I borrowed a leather jacket from a friend. The outfit below shows how you can take a Halloween from festive fun to the best costume award with versatile pieces!
All night long you'll be hearing: "You're the One That I Want!"

 sandy and her greasers.

loving these remaining fall days, beautiful leaves, beautiful colors, beautiful moments.

outfit crush. i will be trying the leggings, boots, blue button-down, and leopard scarf look soon!

and this is how i've been spending a fair amount of my fall break. studying, blogging, emailing, surrounded by my family in the den. 

Hope you have a wonderful Friday, toodles! 

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