Monday, May 12, 2014

i'm coming back!

Happy Monday everyone! Over the past 10 days or so I have run into a surprising number of people (both near and far) who have brought up the blog. They have told me how much they enjoy it, but want me to post more often. It's funny, can you be both flattered and stressed at the same time? Because I have definitely felt that way. It makes me so happy and pleased when people mention how much they enjoy my little blog, but they want me to hop back on the blog roll more consistently. 

Within the past two weeks or so I have spent many evenings lamenting over not having the time to blog. My posting whittled down to once a week and I felt horrible about it. I want to post the right things, but I just haven't been in the swing of it. As much as I like to think of this as a hobby and personal portfolio, I have learned that it's much more than just an activity for me. I realize how many people are influenced by Twirling Clare.

My mom runs into women who tell her they read my blog every week. Friends, family, and past teachers read my blog as a way to keep tabs on my life. Even mothers of people I went to college with keep up with Twirling Clare. And, of course, the countless readers I don't even know! 
When I first started blogging three and a half years ago, I remember how excited I was to have a couple dozen visits a day. I'd obsessively check my stats page and try so hard to get followers...but, after awhile, that didn't seem as important. I valued having a unique space, a true reflection of me rather than a top-trending blog. I wanted to inspire the world with stories, articles, and images. It didn't matter to me how many read my blog; I just wanted to keep scattering the seeds and see what came of them. 

Like everything in life, you can't predict when things will take off. Patience is a beautiful thing and God always has a way of coming in when you least expect. The past couple of weeks (especially this weekend) has been very motivating for me, and it's funny how these unexpected "messengers" have helped encourage me to keep up my little creative exploration. My inner turmoil of finding inspiration, time, and the passion to continue, was answered. Not exactly how I'd expect it to be...but that's what makes life a beautiful adventure. 

With the kind words and appreciation of Twirling Clare and my creative spirit, also came a request to keep it alive. Not that I was ready to shut-down the blog, but Twirling Clare deserved a bit more love and attention. All good things in life need nurturing, cultivating, and love and Twirling Clare really is part of my spirit than needed reinvigorating. So thank YOU for the encouragement and passion!! 
It makes me incredibly grateful to hear of so many people enjoying my happy space and little musings. Twirling Clare is one of my proudest accomplishments, I won't be posting every day, but hopefully be more immersed back to my creative space. 

 Thanks for not just inviting me, but challenging me, to come back to the party...

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