Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wildly Cool Style Tips from Vintage Vogue

Many of these suggestions are great!

Scrunch up your sleeves to make your outfit feel more lived in. 

Layer an open, colorful jacket underneath a neutral coat.

Gold accessories will always dress up your outfit. 

Wear your bracelets over your sleeves. 

The easiest prints to match are florals and checks. 

Pull your collar up over a furry stole. 

When you have nothing to wear, put on a striped shirt and white pants. 

Layer a dress over trousers.

Layer a cardigan over a shirt, and top it with a blazer. 

Flip one side of your jacket back over your hips to reveal your trousers. 

A statement necklace can dress up any LBD. 

An undone buttondown. 

A duster coat looks cool over just about anything. 

Belt your coat to show off your figure. 

Dressing head to tow black is so slimming. 

Wear an undone tie as a scarf.

Make sure your patent boots have a low heel, to keep your outfit from looking too provocative. 

Mix small and large versions of the same print. 

Try a double collared look. 

Tie a scarf around your neck like a turtleneck. 

Ruffle-adorned bikinis create the illusion of curves. 

Layer statement necklaces of a jacket. 

Dress down a ball gown skirt with a knit sweater.

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