Friday, June 12, 2015

Mina Tindle

This spring a friend of mine played a dynamic album, a combination of soul, pop & folk, from French artist Mina Tindle. While it took me a couple of months to finally create this post, I knew right away that I wanted to share her music on the blog! 
Mina Tindle was born in Paris and has spent her career pursuing her musical passion and solo career. Gifted as a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, she has produced two albums, her debut album Taranta in 2012 and then Parades in 2014. 
Frequent collaborations with The National and French pop and new-wave group The Innocents have helped to further elevate her musical clout. She primarily performs in France, but did come to Cincinnati in March for an act during the MusicNOW festival. 
I love her playful, yet sophisticated sound - and I hope you do as well!
See a collection of some of her song/videos below (a mix of both French & English pieces). 

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