Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day at the Art Museum

I am off to spend a day at the Cincinnati Art Museum! The museum is one of Cincinnati's biggest attractions and is located in Mount Adams, next to Eden Park. About a decade ago a couple donated a large amount of money to the Cincinnati Art Museum, allowing for a zero entry fee. This has been such a treat! A few days over the summer I take the family I nanny to the museum. These are called "culture days". Luckily, the museum creates a monthly scavenger hunt for kids. The scavenger hunt ranges from different theme...provides you a close up of the picture and tells you the gallery the painting is located. Once you find the piece of art, there is a question that you have to answer. The kids love this and it allows me to still have time to look at the beautiful paintings!

One well known part of the Cincinnati art Muesum is its dramatic entrance with the following sculpture hanging from the ceiling. The glass fixture is beautiful and makes a lovely "centerpiece" to night festivities and galas that are hosted in the museum's lobby.

 The Museum has an wonderful collection of art work and has several famous pieces, ranging in different eras and styles. 

 I am very interested to see the exhibition on wedding dresses that the museum is hosting. The exhibit will only be in Cincinnati for a short period, so I am happy it is at a point when I am back from school. Supposedly, the exhibit showcases wedding dresses throughout history, some of them being over a century old!

So let's go dive into the Cincinnati Art Museum!


  1. I can't wait to hear how your trip to the museum went. I'm in love with the idea of seeing wedding dresses throughout history, and the styles they had.

    Cute blog. Following you.

  2. The musuem was fabulous and I LOVED LOVED the exhibit! The dresses ranged from the 1700s to 2009 as being the most recent (some grand soap opera wedding). All of the styles were so different throughout the decades, but that is what made it interesting. Like they say, "every dress has a story..."

    So glad you are following!


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