Tuesday, August 23, 2011

back to school in blue and white

As I head back to the grind of endless days at the library, plenty of school work, meetings to last me a life-time, and the trials of independent living that I still have yet to master (laundry anyone?? It's the worst)...I have to make sure I can at least look the part of a stylin' student!

My go to colors right now are white and blue (all shades) thanks to these lovely inspirations pics! They are summery and fresh as we still have a few weeks to enjoy the summer sun. These are a superb color combo, so classic and easy/effortless...just what I am looking for now! They are also a great base if you choose to add any pop of color with accessories! Try sporting a colorful tote, a statement necklace, some bold flats...or some bright nails!

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