Thursday, August 11, 2011

What a week!!

I think my current mood is exceptionally exhausted, yet incredibly happy...if such a mood exists! I returned early this afternoon from my whirlwind travels which involved planes, trains, buses, and cars! Quite a transportation filled trip, with many exciting stops in between, making it all worth it. I visited with four friends from school who graciously welcomed me into their homes and were more hospitable than I could have ever asked!

My first day was a travel-filled day with a plane ride to Hartford, CT and then a bus trip to downtown Hartford to catch the 2 hour Amtrack train to Stamford where my friend Maddie picked me up! We went to her dad's restaurant, Tequila Mockingbird, in New Canaan which was yummy yummy! After dinner we heard to New Canaan High School to see an outdoor summer series production of Carousel which was very fun!

I spent the rest of the weekend with my friend Kelley in Darien. We lounged at the pool shortly after my arrival and then did a little scenic driving tour of Darien. There were so many beautiful homes and some of the most amazing views along the water and the Sound. Being from Ohio, you don't realize how neat it is to live so close to the Ocean! I fell in love with about three dozen homes, at least, and the idea of living by the water is so much more appealing now! We went into the town for dinner and drinks at the Goose and then out to see a movie afterwards. Dinner was lovely and I had a great time meeting Kelley's friends. We went to see Crazy Stupid Love afterwards and I wasn't a huge fan...have any of you seen the flick??

Sunday was a NYC adventure day! We spend the day walking block after block in the bustling city. We saw Times Square and made our way around all of the other tourists looking at the array of theatres and endless advertisements. We continued walking by getting a taste of 5th Avenue and a little bit stop in Henri Bendel's. We walked into the plaza, captured a shot by Miss Eloise and then entered Central Park. We walked through the Central Park Zoo, saw several recognizable movie spots including Stewart Little's Pond. We tried to get to the MET to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit, but the line went 3 blocks on both sides of the building so we embraced our inner contemporary artist and went to the Guggenheim. The museum is so fascinated and very easy to walk through, you just keep moving in a circle all the way up, looking at the exhibits along the wall (I almost felt like I was in an ant hill!) We grabbed a quick bite with our friend from school, Kyle, who is currently in the city. We ate at Eileen's Diner which is a mix of a Broadway Show and Johnny Rocket's. The staff are all on Broadway and they entertain the restaurant by singing songs throughout the day. They pass around a bucket for tips to be made so they can put the money to a lesson for acting, singing, or dancing...all of them trying to make it big in the Big Apple! Finally, we saw the 7:00 show of Chicago. We got the least expensive seats, but it was still a great special to come to New York and see a Broadway show regardless of where you were sitting. The music was great and it was nice to sit and relax after the long day!

I rest of the week around Philly. My friend Kelliann (my Great Dane walking partner) picked me up and we had a fun-fulled week. Kelli is babysitting over the summer and her mom has a day care so we spent lots of time with the kids as well as two rambunctious, but absolutely lovable dogs! On the last day we went to Doggy School for Tily's last class which was the most adorable thing ever. There were about ten dogs in the class, all of them little puppies in their last class of preschool running around and jumping everywhere. Most of these dogs have outgrown basic dog treats as rewards for good behavior and have become more sophisticated in their culinary choices. Tily's preference is string cheese and hot dogs, no joke.

Quote of the week from the kids: Kelli-"I'm a vegetarian"
Jack (6) -"So you eat people??"

I also was able to get some nice sun...a little golden glow, the true sign of a vacation! 

I had such a great trip, but already miss everyone! Now I have 10 days of summer left before I leave for school...time flies! 


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