Wednesday, September 14, 2011

meetings meetings meetings

Fall is the busiest time of the year for me with planning and coordinating events! I feel like I spend all of my time running back and forth from meeting to meeting. It's fun and I love being involved and staying busy...although it can easily get a bit overwhelming. So for those "crazy" days, here is a little craft project you can work on (when/if you have a breather...if not, that's why boutique stores exist) that can make your crazy work load a little less stressful and give you something to smile about!

Here are a collection of clip boards, so practical for the work force, especially if you are busy planning events like me! They are relatively inexpensive to buy and SO much fun to dress up. With a little bit of wrapping paper or scrapbook paper, some stickers, markers, bows, or whatever arts and craft tool you find at Michael's it's easy to whip up your own personalized clip board!

Maybe writing a little inspirational quote will help be the perfect words of wisdom you need on the hectic days! Here's to staying calm, er well at least a little more colorful during the meeting rush!


Other ideas for how to use clipboards in fun and creative ways!! 
Think about a series of 'inspiration boards'

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  1. very cute!! love this idea. i really like those inspiration pics with them lined up on the wall - creative!


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