Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Purple Cobras

While I was home over Spring Break last month, I was reviewing some college things with my parents. I realized that I have the potential to graduate a semester early! After coming back to school and going through Senior-Checkout, class registration, and other last minute things to ensure that I took the proper amount of classes for the liberal arts requirement and both my majors and minor, I sealed the deal to complete classes in December 2012. It was a big decision, but one I am excited for. I will be planning to spend my spring semester of 2013 traveling abroad. I will either be working abroad in an "apprenticeship" setting or just spending time on my own exploring the sites. 
With that being said, I have been making sure that I am treasuring every moment of the spring semester this year. One of the key aspects of a student's last semester of senior year is 50 Day Club. One of the bars in downtown Delaware, The Backstretch, hosts a competition for the last 50 days of school, challenging all participants to come to the bar everyday. There are four teams: Black, Red, Green, and Purple. I am on the Purple team with some of my closest friends. Each Wednesday there is a team competition night which involves crafts, scavenger hunts, jeopardy style games and more. Somehow, I am still in the competition (believe me, I am just as shocked as you!) Granted, I drink cups of ice water 89% of the time...but I have really been able to enjoy so many great parts of this "end of the year" celebration. And, I have even gotten work done at the bar! This past week I brought my laptop and in an hour-and-a-half time slot, I typed a 1200 word paper. Who would have thought?!

Maddie is on my 50 Day Club team, you might have seen a post about her last week HERE
and you can donate to the Great Strides Walk for her team, Maddie's Maukingbirds HERE.
We will be having a bake sale tonight raising money for the cause!

I just wanted to share some pictures of the events...and other purple inspirations!

The whole crew

And purple inspiration:

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  1. i have been seeing purple pop up everywhere and i really love it! that peplum dress and kate spade iphone cover are my favorites!

    life spelled jen


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