Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bean Boots

I LOVE my L.L.Bean outerwear footwear. I have worn my moccasins and Duck Boots since I was a freshman in high school and a couple of years later the legendary Bean Boots entered my closet. I have been shocked with the amount of people in the past year or so who have a pair of the boots (it must have been a popular Christmas gift). As much as I like to be individual with some of wardrobe items, I do have to appreciate when the preppy look goes mainstream. Not just because I think the rest of the world looks a little better, but the practicality of these boots is undeniable.  

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  1. LOVE this roundup of all the adorable photos! I finally made the decision a couple weeks ago to ask for them as my birthday gift this year :) Hoping my wish comes true because they are so dang cute and versatile!


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