Thursday, January 3, 2013

over the knee

Boots are necessary for the winter months. Regardless if the weather demands the footwear or not, they are quintessentially a winter season wardrobe staple. I have a couple pairs of equestrian boots and my favorite Bean Boots, but none "reach as high" as sported by these style queens. Do you have a pair of over-the-knee boots? Do you like how they work? If you are interested in buying a might be the time! With the holiday season at bay, many stores are entering into resort fashions and making room for spring (if you can believe it!) There are pretty phenomenal sales going on now...or in the near future! 
Hope you have a wonderful Thursday, toodles!  

Shop some favorite styles below:

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  1. Oh love these looks! Especially OP's outfits (but what else is new??) If you get a chance check out my recent giveaway!


  2. Love these looks! I think I'm too short to pull it off though :(

    (formerly Simply Lowcountry)

  3. Love these looks as well...there's just something so chic about slim, knee-high boots! =)

  4. Great photos and inspirations! :)

  5. I just love those boots with laces.... I stuck on that pic atleast for 2 mins. Boots of that type is awesome.... Other options are also great and attractive.....


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