Thursday, March 6, 2014

Paris Fashion Week (Round 2)

Was I the only one who didn't know there were two different Paris fashion weeks for Fall 2014? I posted my favorite street styles looks last month to wrap up what I thought was Paris Fashion week...until I saw my newsfeed populating with even more photos from Paris this past week. Whoops! Turns out my original post was a recap of Paris' Haute Couture Fashion Week that took place January 20-23. Yesterday, Paris closed "fashion month" with Ready to Wear collections. So - you get a double bang for your buck, merci Paris!
In addition to phenomenal city chic attendees, the shows were fantastical. Moschino kicked off with a fashions inspired directly from our fast food fetishes - specializing in McDonalds - and a healthy dose of Sponge Bob. TRUE STORY.
 The fashion festivities ended extravagantly with a Chanel store. A full-fledged super store. Can you imagine Chanel cookies, pretzels - even welcome mats. Why can't every shopping center be a-la Coco? 
Anyways, it's time to show my favorite thing, street styles! 

I have these booties!!

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