Friday, August 1, 2014

vintage kaftan

I love the look of summer kaftans. It makes me think of how wonderful it would be to spend a summer in Capri waltzing barefoot on a patio overlooking the crystal blue water, sipping champagne and probably knocking over a few glasses with my billowing sleeves :) I've never been, but a girl can always dream, and more importantly, outfit plan - right?! 
Everything about the look is exaggerated. Simply wearing the oversized frock isn't enough, the look needs to be accessorized with an oversized hair-do, a whimsical headscarf or turban, and statement jewels - either a collection of bangles or a noteworthy necklace. It's definitely a bit much, but who doesn't like to be dramatic every one in awhile? Despite the "costume-esque" flair of the look, it still manages to be elegant and regal  - it helps that Grace Kelly was a fan!
A kaftan is definitely on my wish-list. I think it would be a fabulous hostess outfit. Although far from practical, how boring would life be if everyone was practical?
Happy Friday :)

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  1. Kaftans are my favorite too. It keeps one cool and free-flowing. And the best feature of kaftan is that it suits all body types and sizes. Head scarf adds an additional style to your look and are very perfect to style with your kaftan.


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