Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Dreamer & Other Essays : Morgan Treni

A wonderful friend and acquaintance of mine from college just made her first album debut! 
Morgan was an English major, with a concentration in non-fiction writing. On a couple of occasions we had class together and I always treasured her presence in the classroom and around campus.
Morgan lived on the floor below me one year and occasionally I would pop into her room for help with a paper or material we were reviewing in class. Visiting her room was an escape to another world. Empty mugs with tea bags lined the desks, tapestries covered the walls, a few plants decorated the windowsill, there was a slight musky-incense odor, and Morgan was usually entertaining someone on the guitar. Everything about Morgan was like that. A perfectly whimsical glimpse into a life that seemed vintage, carefree, avant-garde, and truly inspirational. There was a rich bohemian sense about her, a charming spirit with an old soul humming around campus always wearing a scarf, sporting a disheveled up-do with glasses absentmindedly tucked away, and carrying more books in her arms than in her knapsack. She'd walk with a little spring in her step - and when Morgan was in a good mood, everyone was in a good mood. 
There was a brief period where she just couldn't think to attend class when it was rainy. She made me chuckle, but also appreciate the reasoning. Why embark upon a day that is not cheerful or inspiring? If Morgan didn't make it to class - we'd know Mother Nature having an off-day. 
After a couple weeks of spring in central Ohio, you learn sooner rather than later that it's better to start finding inspiration in the rain - or you'd be out of luck :)
Morgan has a way with words and language unlike anyone I have ever met. 
When I graduated she was immersed in the food and drink industry, helping a local Delaware, Ohio brewery get on its feet. When you'd ask her about work - it was incredible. You would have thought the hops were characters in a story. Each one was different...some exaggerated, some more subtle, some subject to entirely different tastes and flavors when paired with certain foods. Welcome to the early days of the craft beer craze. Even though I wasn't a fan of beer, after talking to Morgan you couldn't help but completely regret all of your Barefoot Wine nights!
Did I envision that Morgan would be behind a microphone singing her way to success? Not exactly. I knew her father was a musician and she was musically inclined, but two years ago that didn't pop on my "where in the world would Morgan be" radar. However, I am really not surprised in the slightest. Morgan is one of those people that I could never be surprised by, maybe because she is so surprising? She is full of creative energy and passions that bring beauty and art to the world, in all different forms.
So, why not add music to the mix?
My words cannot even begin to do justice to this creative spirit, but I hope they can give you a little snapshot of this incredible artist. 
Morgan's album, the dreamer and other essays debuted just a couple weeks ago and is available on cdbaby. Her album is described as a "fusion of folk, indie-pop, and jazz" influences. Listen to a preview of the album HERE.

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