Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rosella Jardini

"I am someone with many crafts, many activities and good taste," Rosella Jardini explains. "I tell my assistants what they should do, but I don't design, and it seems presumptuous to say that I do." Rossella spent nearly twenty years as Creative Director for Moschino. Since leaving the fashion house in 2013, she has started her own fashion line which launched in September for the Spring/Summer 2016 Milan Fashion Week. Her designs look fantastic and I am sure I"ll have to do another blog post just on her past & upcoming collections!
When she not busy designing, - or rather telling her assistants what to design - she spends her days walking dogs. And as anyone who designates themselves as "someone with good taste," naturally, she's always dressed to impress. 
 In college I walked a dog almost every day. I swear to this day that it's the best "free therapy." Even though I don't have a god now, I still try and walk everyday - it's the perfect way to clear my head, relax, breath in some fresh air and soak up the Vitamin D! In college I was much more stylish in my daily walking jaunts, but now my footwear has adapted to comfort ALWAYS over I slip out of my ballet flats and into shoes that are much better on my feet - I'd best describe them an assortment of "prep school cool" kicks.
I always appreciate coming across others who are walking enthusiasts, especially those who still keep their fashion sense top of mind while they stroll down the block.

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  1. Her coats and her dogs are so fashionable!! I must say, while I may seriously lack style on the apartment dog walks that happen..oooohhh every 3 hours :) its always good to clear the mind and see Scarlett's tail wag :)


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