Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Florida inspiration

BRB - sun tanning it!
My mom and I are traveling to Palm Beach and Naples for a few days. When I was in college we did a couple of these "testosterone free" spring breaks and I am giddy that we're treating ourselves to a little spring adventure again! This was my mom's birthday present to me and while we were determining where to go, we couldn't pass up all of our great memories from our trips to Florida a few years ago, so we're jet setting with the rest of Lilly clad royalty down to the sunshine state.
We'll be spending the first half of the trip in Palm Beach - expect a trip to Taboo, Worth Avenue and who knows, we might even have to give a police report if we witness any PB crazy antics like Tinsley Mortimer going all crazy ex-girlfriend on the picturesque lawns of Ocean Boulevard.
On our way to Naples, we'll be stopping in the Everglades' Shark Valley for a little exploration. It'll be a fitting early nod to Earth Day with what's bound to be a peace, green, gators & bugs experience - and yes, this was my request 100%; it's the 100 year anniversary of the National Parks Service, everyone should make it to at least one National Park this year!
We'll be in Naples the remainder of the trip and I can't wait for poolside lounging, shopping, dining and beachside strolls with all of the Midwest snow birds. And while I am hoping to come back with a golden glow, I purchased a rash guard swim suit. Clearly I am in a state of sun exposure crisis.
While I've been slightly paranoid about leaving work - this is my first "vacation" (outside of seeing family in D.C. and a long weekend to New York) in nearly two and a half years - it'll be so nice to take a break from the office and enjoy some R&R. I am really thrilled and so blessed that my mom treated me to this little getaway, it'll be such a special treat to spend time with her!
Keep you posted with pics on Insta, I can't promise Slim Aarons quality, but they'll be pretty fab.  

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