Friday, November 26, 2010

Country Music?

I am a member a Kappa Alpha Theta sorority...Theta LOVE! Those familiar with Greek Life (at OWU Fraternity and Sorority life...we can't discriminate) probably know the family system. Big, Grand Bigs, etc.

My Big, a junior from Long Island, tends to take me on errands with her. As we drive around Delaware, OH picking up necessities from Walmart, fun arts and crafts from Michaels, groceries from Buhlers, and the occassional snack from Panera we listen to tunes in the car. And since she is the driver...she gets to pick. Maddy tends to lean towards the country music route, not really my forte, but somehow she has converted me (well I haven't fallen into the bandwagon yet, it's a semi-conversion).

Wagon Wheel

And this is one of my favorite songs! Head down south...

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