Friday, November 26, 2010

Navy and Orange !!!

On top of being such a fabulous color combination...they happen to be the colors of the Auburn Tigers!

Auburn defeated Alabama today, quite a nail bitter. Alabama was ahead 21-0, on EARTH did Auburn pull that game out! Auburn will keep their victorious record and possibly  move back to #1?!?! This is the first season that Auburn has been #1 since 1985.

So why is a girl from Cincinnati an Auburn fan?

Color choice is definitely a plus, hahaha not really...but still

Maddy, my lovely big despite being from Long Island is a Southern girl at heart. Maddy has been a camp counselor in North Carolina for the past few years. She has grown quite substantial Southern roots (country music as I already mentioned) and has fallen in love with Auburn football! Maddy went down to visit Auburn in September (she missed my Theta Crush party that I was in charge of...but that is another story) and saw her friend Collier, who I feel like I know, but really don't.

Anywho, Saturday afternoons have turned into Auburn football cheer sessions and I have joined in. NEVER have I been a sport's fan...I typical just say "I don't do sports" and people understand. But, for some reason, I have become an Auburn football fan and am cheering them on like no other!

UVA lacrosse is the only other sports team that gets this much attention from Clare Whitaker...although you could argue the color scheme for them as well hahaha.

Let's make sure to give a shout out to Auburn and cheer them on next Saturday as they play USC!

And for a little inspirational orange and navy


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