Friday, November 26, 2010

New blogger

Eeeek. What have I gotten myself into...I am starting the blogging world. I have to admit it is about time. After Julie & Julia, I became intriqued with blogging and then when I began my Sartorialist stalking over the summer (to scope out style inspirations of course) it had to happen sometime. When I came home from school for Turkey Day break and discovered that two of my younger brothers had started blogs...the time had come. So, on the night of Thanksgiving as I sit stuffed to the brim...I am beginning my blogging adventure!

I am not sure how often I will post, probably more than I should being a college student...but hopefully it will be entertaining for all! I have a vast collection of Style Inspirations that I have been gathering throughout the years...going on 3 1/2 years now. Fashion world, here I come! Well, that's a far-fetched goal, I will just start with blogging and see where life will take me!

I will start off by telling you a little bit about myself, before you begin to really think I am nuts. First off, I am nuts...literally crazy, but, I like to think, in a good way. Picture: your crazy art teacher, in a college form. Actually, I am more like a 40 year old mom (sometime pushing 75 year old grandmother) trapped in a 19 year old's body...but I manage.

I am a sophomore at Ohio Wesleyan University, a small liberal arts school and I love it. I am an undeclared Politics and Government and English double major and a Theatre minor. Once my advisor returns from Sabbatical I will (hopefully) have much more of this buttoned-down. I am from Cincinnati, OH and have three younger brothers. And I guess those that choose to follow will learn more as time goes on!

I will be posting little inspirations in my life. These will range from images, to songs, to anything else that seems to make my day. I hope you enjoy!

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