Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Such a timeless, classic staple to have in your wardrobe for years and years. I have a similar style that my dad wore before he got a "replacement" and I wear it faithfully throughout the fall and winter. It's huge, grungy and probably one of the most uni-sex, unfashionable item of clothing in the world..."more Jeep Cherokee of a look than Land Rover" haha...but that is EXACTLY why I think it is so great. 
Eventually I would love to get the Barbour jacket and would wear it exactly the same way as I wear the jacket I have now: with an over-sized turtleneck or button down (maybe both), a big scarf, baseball hat, leggings, bean boots or wallabees. Nothing is more soccer-momish, yet so pulled together. 



  1. love olivia's outfit!

    xoxo navy & orange

  2. Thanks so much for your sweet comment :) Loving your blog as well! I love this jacket - I need one in my closet for this fall/winter! Haha. Have a great day :) xx


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