Wednesday, October 26, 2011

coffee table displays

Have you ever played the game Concentration
My mom used to have all of us play it when she hosted parties for us at our house as kids. She would fill a cookie sheet with random knick-knacks ranging from a tooth pick, to a photograph, to a head band, to a pack of raisins and on and on. We were given 1 minute to look at the collection of items, trying to remember EVERYTHING that was on the sheet. After a minute, my mom would cover the tray and we had 2 minutes to write down everything that we could possibly think of. It was nearly impossible, I don't think I ever got half of the items on the tray, but it was still was so much fun. 
I came across these pictures of coffee tables and the elaborate and festive displays reminded me of the childhood party game. See if you can dress your table up to impress like these!

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