Tuesday, October 11, 2011

white sofas and some color

Here are some fun shots of white sofas...with splashes of bright and bold colored accessories decorating the room! I would typically shy away from white upholstery...simply because I can be a bit of a mess and white dirties very easily. 
However, it can be an easy and fun decorating project! A simple white scale on a couch or chair with the addition of colors surrounding the sitting area can make quite a clean, fresh, and creative statement. 

Nothing looks better than bright bold colors with a white background (both in wardrobes and interiors)!

 Look at these pictures for some inspiration!


  1. Gorgeous! I love white sofas and recently took the plunge by putting one in our living room. They're so crisp and clean. These are great inspiration photos! xx

  2. White sofas are my absolute fav and I don't care that people tell me they'll get dirty! The last photo is gorgeous. The white and bright pink looks amazing w gold.

  3. These white couches are absolutely gorgeous and I love these pops of colors added in. I love your blog and you are my newest follower.



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