Monday, February 13, 2012

Red and Pink

How about?

Drinking a red cream soda with a bright pink straw. 
Carrying a red tote bag with a pink silk scarf tied on the handle.
Ordering strawberry ice cream for dessert, with a cherry on top. 

Also...LOVING these decorative chocolate covered strawberries!

Easy to do:
Clean strawberries
Melt chocolate on low heat on the stove (I recommend semi-sweet chocolate chips)
Dip strawberries in the chocolate sauce

For sprinkle decorations, set up different bowls of sprinkles. Roll the chocolate covered strawberries around to cover with as many sprinkles as you'd like. 
For chocolate drizzle, melt the chocolate in the same fashion. Take a small utensil with which you can dip into the chocolate sauce. Drizzle the chocolate over the strawberries. 

Place on a cookie sheet and refrigerate.
All set to eat and enjoy :) 


  1. Oh wow, that picture with all of the stewardesses is adorable.... but it might be a little to much pink for me! haha!

  2. Such a fun post! I adore all of the pink and red pictures that you found. Most of them I have not seen before. I've been thinking about making some sort of strawberries either tonight for girls' night or tomorrow for V-Day.

  3. Okay, is is bad that I want to rush out and get some chocolate covered strawberries at 9:15 AM? These made my tummy growl! Dee-lish!!

    Because Shanna Said So

  4. What a fabulous color inspired post! I like red and pink, but I think I like pink and orange a bit more! And chocolate covered strawberries- yummm! I haven't had those in so long. I might be making a stop by the produce aisle tomorrow, thanks to you! xo

  5. Oh delicious yes. That first image is fabulous!! Have a beautiful Valentines day. Are you making these chocolates;)?


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