Monday, February 6, 2012

All Black

Those of you who know me or are followers of the blog, are well aware that I am a color fanatic. I love wearing pops of color and mixing and matching different color combinations to make a statement. Therefore, today's post may seem a little "off-base". 
There are few colors that are more ingrained in the fashion industry than black. From the Coco Chanel's LBD to the "____ is the new black" trademark line. There is no denying that black can make the ultimate impression of sophistication. Pairing together an all black ensemble can be prime chic status. Because black is so versatile and has the illusion of "slimming" one's becomes the staple outfit for many. As long as you don't take black as the write-off for all of your weekly wear, turning it into a uniform, you are fine. 
Below are some of my favorite looks: 

My look:
Today I am wearing black J.Crew Minnie pants, a black turtleneck, black equestrian style boots, a vintage black coat, white & gold earrings, and pearls. 


  1. Oh, how I love wearing black!! I work the front desk at a salon so I feel as though I wear black ALL of the time. I like to wear neutrals with pops of color in my accessories or shoes! :)

  2. Clare, thanks so much for your comment on my freshly squeezed // spring fever post! I am still beyond obsessed with those heels! I tried to reply to your comment email, but notices your email isn't linked to your blogger account! You should update that to build better connections with your readers!

  3. Your outfit sounds so cute! I may be stealing the idea soon. Hope you don't mind! I really like your blog. I'm so happy I found it! Now following!

    Emily :]

  4. Is that Kate Middleton in the third picture? I love the pop of color in her bag and shoes with the black!

    1. Actually Olivia Palermo, she has fabulous style!

  5. I wore so much black in my life than now,I am ready for a change. Love all the lovley ladies above, they look nice. It is a great color that flatters more figure. Maybe we can follow each other?


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