Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Fling from Summer Wind

Welcome to Week 4 of the Spring Fling series, I hope you are able to find some fabulous spring selections today from sCe!!

I am so happy to be guest posting here at Twirling Clare!! I hope you will all hop over to my blog, Summer Wind and take a look around!
 Because I am a college student and live in a townhouse that's a little less than charming, it is hard for me to incorporate spring into my life in regards to interior design. However, there are little things that can help to brighten my space and make life more like spring! 
This is an inexpensive and easy way to brighten up your space. Plus, everything has a use! I swear by my Lilly Pulitzer note pads and other Lifeguard Press products. I've recently written a post about it, here! I also have the magnetic board and the dry-erase board. As a college student, both get a ton of use! 
Update the pictures in your frames! I like to update them at least 4 times a year. That way it changes things up and gives you something different to look at. Purchasing colorful frames is another way to add that necessary pop of color! I love the Kate Spade frames because they are great quality and come in both pink and green!
Cashmere throws are another way to brighten up your space. Put your plaid or dark colored winter throw in storage and cozy-up in a bright color. Pink is my go-to but I also love navy for a nautical touch!

Spruce up your bathroom and add a bright initial or monogram to your boring white towels! I have a set that is pale pink with a green monogram from Lacoste and they make me smile every time I pull them out!
Candles are definitely an easy and quick way to add some spring into your life. Pick a fresh scent like gardenia or linen. Remember to always be in the room when you are burning a candle and always blow it out every time you leave the room!
So those are my biggest tips for adding spring to your life! What are your quick, inexpensive, and easy tips for adding spring into your home? A big thank you to Clare for hosting me on her blog! Have a fabulous day!

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