Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Amy & Arnold

You might have seen my feature on lemonade as a perfect summer refreshment, a couple weeks ago. I am back for another ideal summer drink, this time the Arnold Palmer. Named after the golf legend, a delicious combination of lemonade and ice tea quenches anyone's taste buds and thirst during the hot afternoons. 

A switch to the recipe is an Amy Palmer which mixes PINK lemonade with iced tea. A little feminine touch  to your refreshment!

For a cocktail worthy drink...add a splash of vodka.


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  1. Great summer drink, for sure!


  2. I'm slightly obsessed with Arnold Palmers, like...it's bad!! My new favorite twist (which I will likely be enjoying all weekend) is to put Firefly vodka in a blender with some frozen lemonade concentrate and some frozen raspberries to make a slushie...it's seriously HEAVENLY!


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