Thursday, June 28, 2012


When I was in Jr. High, I started playing golf. I joined my grade school's golf team as the only girl and had quite a challenge that fall learning how to swing a club while dealing with the jokes and nasty comments from the boys on the team. Nevertheless, I kept up the sport and continued to play the next year...and throughout high school. I was never the best golfer, but I loved playing the game. Even when I didn't make the team my senior year of high school, my golf clubs remained in the garage, bulldog head cover over my driver waiting for my next time on the tee-box. 
Throughout the years, my favorite golfing partner has been my Grandpa. He is the only person in my family who plays the game and we have tried to consistently play throughout the summers. He helped me love the sport; to truly ENJOY it. Instead of battling for pars, we play for "even 5s", we cheer over putts that finally sink (no matter how many tries), and always enjoy an after game handshake and pink lemonade. 
We play early in the mornings, watching the sun rise and trying to beat the heat in the hot and humid summer days. When we take family vacations up to Michigan, we always spend a couple of days on the golf course seeing views of Lake Charlevoix on the tee box; how many sports can create a setting so picturesque? 
Golf will always be an important to me because of the relationship I formed with my Grandpa throughout the years and the adversary that I overcame during the beginning part of my journey with the sport. 
I never realized how much character I gained from the game both on and off the course. 
I will forever hold dear the greatest game ever played.

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  1. What a fun time to get to spend golfing with your Grandpa. Amazing memories you will have forever! I have the clubs now I need the lessons so I won't embarrass myself or the husband out on the course!


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