Friday, June 8, 2012

shorts please

Shorts are sometimes difficult for me to find in the summer. I tend to be a linen pants, skirts, or dress type of person during the warmer weather, but I think I found a PERFECT pair of shorts!
While designing today's outfit, I cam across these linen shorts (available in beige, yellow, and black) from MANGO. 
I found a perfect way to style the shorts with a classic button down, that I am sure many of you have in a similar style in your closets. Check out the different accessories paired with each outfit!!

As always, check out {long distance loving} to find other styles!


Outfit 1 accessories:
Outfit 2 accessories:


  1. I almost included those bangles in my Friday Fancies! Too cool :)


  2. SO adorable, love all of these pieces! The sandals especially are too fun!

  3. I am with you, I LOVE wearing dresses over shorts in the summer! But, you found some keepers today! Great round up! Have a super weekend!


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