Thursday, February 28, 2013

Au Revoir America!

Twirling Clare readers, I have exciting news for all of you! 
You might have gathered from some of my recent posts that I am headed on a bit of an adventure. 
I finished school a semester early, deciding I could make more use of the spring on a different avenue.

I spent time pursuing professional opportunities, traveling for interviews and working while I was at home. Between babysitting, working at the boutique, temporary assistance, and writing for Matchbook...I have been pretty busy!
However, the excitement is still to come. 

I leave today for a six week trip to Europe. I will be traveling to Holland and Spain while spending the bulk of my trip in France. In France I will be staying in Brossac, Millau, Nice, Lyon, and Paris. 

I will continue to blog throughout the duration of the trip...and I expect you to keep in touch :)

Even though I will continue to share my daily inspiration, I am going to host a couple new series. 
Tourist Tuesday will occur each week and I will share my photos and travel recaps. 
Wishful Wednesday will feature an array of guest bloggers who will share some of their favorite destinations and dream trips. 
Also, I will be sharing a collection of designers and their spring lines (including special discounts)

Be sure to follow me on Instagram for my photos throughout the trip.

Thanks for making blogging so much fun for me! 

Toodles for now America, blogging from Europe :)

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  1. WOW!!! I am so excited for you and look forward to your blog posts from Europe. Have a wonderful time!!!

  2. Oh my goodness how fun!! Have a blast, there's no question that you will :) Can't wait to see + hear all about it!

  3. How fun! I am currently studying abroad in the south of France and am actually launching a Travel Tuesday series next week too! I'm so looking forward to following along on your posts too :)

  4. Wow how exciting!!!! Enjoy and bon voyage!! :)


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