Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Guest post: House of Fraser takes the Maxi Dress

While up at OWU for graduation, the maxi look was EVERYWHERE. I don't have a maxi dress, but own several skirts and I definitely was not the only one sporting the trend. 
Alice, from House of Fraser, was so kind to contact me a couple of weeks ago asking to guest post for the blog. When we decided on maxi dresses for the topic, I couldn't have chosen a better theme...particularly in the wake of the styles I witnessed this past week. 

Enjoy her suggestions and have fun organizing your summer wardrobes, toodles!

How to wear a Maxi dress
We all wish that we had the “perfect” body shape, but it’s our differences which make us unique. Therefore it’s important to feel comfortable in our outfit choices so we can embrace the bodies that we have.
Luckily for us girls, this season’s hottest trend is the maxi dress, which looks fantastic on any shape or size. However knowing which style of maxi to wear for your shape can be difficult for many women. This is why I have chosen to write this post, to give everyone a few simple tips for picking the right outfits for our shape this summer!   

As a pear-shaped woman your strengths are your slim arms and narrow shoulders, so you should show them off as much as possible! This means when you are picking your maxi dress for this summer, you should opt for either a strapless, thin strap, or halter neck style maxi to show off your gorgeous assets. To slim down your hips whilst showing off your curves, opt for a maxi which pulls you in at the waste and floats out for a beautiful Grecian feel.
Pear: Jennifer Lopez

Lucky hourglass ladies can show off their slimmer waist and curves by nipping in their maxi around the middle. Use a belt or choose a figure-hugging style in bold colours to accentuate your fabulous waist and hips. Bigger patterns have the ability to hide your shape, and as hourglass shapes are lucky enough to have such a fantastic silhouette you don’t want to hide what you have, yet flaunt it.
Hourglass: Holly Willoughby

Boyish figure
If you have a straight-up-and-down kind of body don’t panic, you are not alone! With the likes of Alexa Chung, Kiera Knightly and Kate Hudson in the same category, the ‘banana’ shape can be an incredibly easy shape to dress. The best way to show off what you have is to invest in a selection of waist belts. Maxi dresses can look fantastic on this figure, as long as you nip in the waist; this will create curves in all of the right places. You also want to show off what you have by wearing a skirt which floats, this again will put focus on your tucked in waist and generate a curvier, fuller figure.
Boyish figure: Kate Hudson

To all of you apples out there, your best asset is your neckline and bust, so when picking a maxi dress make sure you choose something with a strong pattern or detailing around the neck and chest. Remember, you don’t want a dress with an A-line skirt as this can give the illusion of a bigger stomach and hips. Choose an empire line to slim out your proportions and balance out your shape.
Apple: Queen Latifah

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