Monday, December 16, 2013

holiday orange + peacock

One of my clients is a real estate firm in Cincinnati. Each week I am responsible for managing the firm's Pinterest page; it just might be one of my favorite projects. In addition to uploading the new listings, I update the "interior decor" boards. Since it is the holiday season, I created a new board filled with some of my favorite Christmas decoration ideas for the home. 
Last week I came across this divine home from Veranda magazine. No longer does Christmas call for red and green, or even blue, silver, and gold...instead orange is the color of the holiday season! The color isn't the only change for holiday homes, it's time to revamp the animals as well. Even more exotic than the traditional reindeer, decorators are headed to the warmer climate and to welcome the peacock as the new animal of Christmas. Throw it all together with your favorite fruits and voila! 
What do you think of this beautiful home?
Have a fabulous week, toodles!

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