Wednesday, April 23, 2014


One of my new favorite Instagram accounts to follow is balletzaida. The account shares the most beautiful images of ballerinas expressing their art in eclectic and atypical settings. I love taking the art beyond the stage and seeing the dancers posed off-set. The photos are often taken in urban or rural backgrounds - quite different - and much more breathtaking than under the bright lights. 
Ballet has become one of my favorite art forms. The first ballet I attended, beyond The Nutcracker, was this past fall. The show, New Works, was the season opener for the Cincinnati Ballet's 50th season. It was a contemporary and modern production, one I wasn't accustomed to (I think I still expected all ballets involved tutus). Although the classic ballets, think Swan Lake, are impeccable, I really adored the more contemporary and exploratory pieces.
It was a great year to connect with Ballet, how many years do you celebrate a 50th Birthday?! The season was stupendous and I am happy I was able to take part as an Attitude member, a young professional group within the Ballet community. 
I learned that from a rhythm and motion class the Ballet hosted a couple of months ago, that I have NO rhythm or motion. I don't know who I was fooling for four years twirling throughout college evenings - maybe just myself... Nevertheless, I still love the art form and balletzaida is a beautiful (and simple) way that I can follow and appreciate the ballet!

Enjoy your day, toodles!

 (via balletzaida)

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