Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Old Saybrook House

A summer dream house. 
Katharine Hepburn described her life-long seaside home as paradise.
The Connecticut estate, located on Long Island Sound, had been in the Hepburn family since 1919. Katharine built the home in 1939 and lived there until her passing in 2003, at age 96. 
Katharine Hepburn adored the private life and her home was a safe-haven. She bought acres of land surrounding the property to preserve the view and her seclusion. One of her favorite parts of living in Saybrook was the active lifestyle the surrounding area afforded. She walked throughout the property and was known for taking a daily swim, regardless of the frigid temps. 
Hepburn did very little to renovate the home, but the couple who purchased the estate following her death, worked extensively to upgrade the house. They purchased the property for $6 million and have had the house on-and-off the market for the past couple of years, currently asking $14.8 million - less than half of its original listing price.
The home is stunning and ideal for a serene summer escape. I love the clean palette, nautical decor, and the subtle tribute to the Hollywood legend that you can find around the home. 
Anyone want to treat me to a $15 million dollar home :)
Hope you're having a wonderful day, toodles!

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