Friday, September 12, 2014

breakfast to go ... or stay

This week has been a LONG one. Lots of late nights finishing projects for work and trying to get my fall calendar in order. It's amazing how many things kick back into gear come September - and so far there is no sign of anything slowing down soon. I think I am 'booked' nearly every weekend through the end of October. Phew. I am worn out already!
It hasn't helped that my phone is on the permanent fritz and has been shutting off for 18-24 hour intervals over the past month. It has gotten progressively worse and is such a hassle. Granted, I don't dislike being on a "tech sabbatical" (ask any of my friends from college), but this is a getting to be ridiculous. 
In the midst of all of this craziness, something as simple as spending a couple of hours in the morning morning sipping a hot beverage and eating a croissant sounds more than ideal - just the perfect relaxation. Granted I am not the best at 'relaxing,' I usually try to do a gazillion things at once (you should see me 'watch' TV). BUT -  if Paris was thrown into the equation, ultimate relaxation might be doable :)
Here's to the weekend, long morning coffee breaks, necessary sweet treats, and dreams of Parisian cafes - or whatever relaxation suits your fancy! 

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