Thursday, September 25, 2014

La Maison des Carrés

The new address for silk scarves : La Maison des Carrés 

Hermés launched the most delightfully wonderful website devoted to their legendary silk scarves.  Designed by illustrator Pierre Marie (a former Hermés scarf designer) and artistic director, Bali Barret, the site takes you on a whimsical journey into the house of scarves. The fantastic virtual home includes a salon, treasure chamber, color-mixing kitchen, horse stable, cinema, and more. Barret explains the site as, "Both an online store offering an exceptionally broad range of our collection, and a place of delightful, constantly evolving experiences, tells the story of Hermés silk in an entertaining and unconventional way."

Additionally, Hermés launched Silk Knots, an app that teaches you how to style your scarf in elegant and stylish ways. See the sample video below. 

While I may not have a Hermés, I am still going to have a fashionably delightful time perusing their website and learning how to tying my scarves the truly trés chic way(s)! 

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