Friday, September 19, 2014

Sally Singer - Fall Denim

Sally Singer, Vogue Editor, bought a pair of Levi's over a decade ago and they are still making a fashion statement, perhaps even more of a fashion statement than she could have even imagined. 
We all have items like that, our trusty "go to" pieces that seem to work, no matter the occasion, year, or season - and I think we should all have more, or at least I wish I had more. 
I am always on the search to add the perfect pieces to my wardrobe, with the hope that one day needing to add pieces will be unnecessary. I am not there yet. My closet (and family) could probably argue otherwise, but there is always that perfect and timeless staple on your radar. 
Granted, we all like to have statement pieces now and again, but nothing feels better than when your foundational pieces are secured. There is a sense of both fashion and, dare I suggest social or emotional security, when you have a relationship with your clothes - when you go out with your trusty trench, favorite jewelry, classic button down, etc., it's like you have an ally. And sometimes in life, we could all use a little ally. 

"I am always trying to touch the ground, sartorially at least, in a whirligig life. I like gold ball post for an earring. I like a gingham camp shirt. A plain windbreaker. And I feel these items buffer me, not just from the extreme aesthetic promiscuity that my career in fashion demands, but from the emotional zigs and zags that life throws up more generally." - Sally Singer

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