Friday, October 10, 2014

Old School Cool

My dad sent me this article last week. With as much time as our society spends trying to be "cool," it's amazing how many people still totally miss the boat. 
Why? Too many people forget about being classy

very/highly stylish and elegant
a deeper, more meaningful word for 'cool'

I am sure it wouldn't shock any of you, that I value "class" over "cool" any day. I've found when the former is established, the latter tends to follow. It's a different kind of cool, but the kind worth having.
Below are dozens of pictures showing old school cool, at its best. 
(I put an asterisk* next to my favorites!)
Happy Friday, toodles!

Teenagers, 1950.*

Brigitte Bardot visits Pablo Picasso at his studio in Antibes, 1956.

Sean Connery relaxing.*

Scooter girl, 1969.

Frank Sinatra stepping out of helicopter with a drink.*

Queen Elizabeth and Price Phillip at the horse races, 1968.*

Jamaican streets.*

Muhammad Ali

The original way to "text" in class, 1944.*

Audrey Hepburn at a premiere on September 14, 1953.*

Caroline Kennedy walks ahead while her father carries her doll, 1960.*

The gorgeous necklines of the 1950s.*

Ice skating, 1937. *

The Beatles.

Teenagers and their first car, 1950s.

High school fashion feature, 1970s.

Elspeth Beard, shortly after becoming the first Englishwoman to circumnavigate the world by motorcycle. The journey took three years and covered 48,000 miles.

Clint Eastwood with actresses Olive Sturgess and Dani Crayne in San Francisco, 1954.

A family photo from the early 1900s.*

Ernst Hemingway passport photo, 1923.

Girl with a typewriter and a smoke.

Cary Grant, 1950s.*

Children of Chicago, 1941.*

Michael Caine, 1959.

Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and his cabinet, 1968.

A couple in London, 1963.*

Graffiti Artist. (Love the lady looking on...)*

Ellen O'Neal, the greatest woman freestyle skateboarder in the 1970s.

Marlon Brando's screen test in "Rebel Without a Cause," 1955.

Kevin Spacey. 

Paul Newman boating during a film festival in Venice, 1963. 

A couple dancing in a 1950s "Be Bop" theatre.*

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