Friday, October 24, 2014

What a preview...

From Sunday evening to Thursday afternoon I sampled the life of a superhero. And by superhero, I mean, a full-time working mom. 

For the second half of my aunt and uncle's trip (grandma covered last week), I watched my 10, 15, and 16 year old cousins. It was a really good "preview" of what might be my reality one day. 
There is no denying that I totally lucked out on a lot of fronts. The kids were well-behaved; transportation was taken care of, thanks to a licensed driver, carpools, and grandma; my office wasn't too far away; dinners were flexible (a couple at home, a couple out); and I still remembered long division!
But there were a fair share of less than perfect moments...
after school detention, traffic on the way to school = late slip, alarms not going off, not understanding the purpose of a planner to write down homework assignments (we had to ask people what the homework was every night...not even kidding),  cancelled after school yoga class, evening basketball practice, after work client meetings...yes, there were a number of far from ideal scenarios. 

I didn't have time to read, write, jog, or even shower...if I really wanted to get everything done, there really wouldn't be any time for sleep.
-- I really don't know how moms do it, they are truly wonder women. I am officially in awe --
If I ever become a mother, 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. will have to my magic 'productive' hour. (I still have a hard time waking up at 7:00, so thank goodness having to factor that into my routine is a loooong way away...) If Hermione decided to share her time turner, that would be a slightly different story. Alas, the life of muggles. 

 I have always been so charmed by this kate spade advertisement. Not only is it seasonally appropriate, but it captures an entire maternal lifestyle in one moment.
Modern & Traditional. Cosmopolitan & Suburban. Professional & Domestic. Organized & Fun. Stylish & Casual. 
Effortless Motherhood (with a kate spade tote).

My little "working mother" preview ensured me that it definitely looks easier in a kate spade ad :) 
Have a nice weekend, toodles!

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