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cocktail hour

The Seven Classic Cocktails Every Sophisticated Woman Should Know
The spring always puts me in a better mood and makes me think of sundresses and early evening cocktails on the patio. Everyone seems lighter, happier and more energized. Social engagements tend to be loads of fun with sunset cocktails continuing long after the moon rises, with twinkling lights and fire flies adding sparkle to the balmy air. While I can hardly tolerate the summer heat, I love those summer nights.
I don't drink even a fraction as much as I did in college - definitely a good thing in many regards - but I find, as such, that my cocktail list is far from sophisticated. My cocktails of choice include - and are limited to - white wine or a classic beer. When selecting wine, I often choose chardonnay (thanks to this wine personality quiz) and when I have a beer, I either choose Fat Tire or just a Bud Light. Fat Tire is my go-to when I am around craft brew drinkers.
When I saw this cocktail list on Veranda, it was just the perfect drink-spiration and I wanted to share with all of you. Maybe this will help you jazz up your summer cocktail order, whether or not you clink glasses weekly or just on those special nights out on the town!
Enjoy your weekend, toodles!

For those who always order: vodka sodas
What it's made with: vodka, ginger beer, lime juice
These drinks are what put vodka on the map here in the United States. Their bright taste - and the fact they're easy to drink - make the favorite for many, especially when they're served in their (correct) copper cup.

For those who always order: gin & tonics
What it's made with: gin, lime juice
Actually created for sailors as a way to prevent scurvy, the drink was later seen as an old person's cocktail - until its revitalization right about now. The drink is one part sweetened lime juice to four parts gin, so it's sweet but packs a punch. And if you're asking for limes in your G&T, consider this your new go-to. 

For those who always order: rum & cokes
What it's made with: rum, simple syrup, lime juice
Contrary to popular belief, a true daiquiri isn't anything that comes out of a frozen slushy machine. A shaken cocktail made with rum, lime juice and simple syrup, the drink was often served in a frosted glass or over crushed ice. The more modern take is to serve it straight up in a cocktail glass. 

For those who always order: champagne
What it's made with: gin, sparkling wine/champagne, sugar/simple sugar, lemon (or other citrus)
This drink was made in 1915 in New York (happy 100th birthday!) and we really don't know what to say, other than look at the ingredients. Gin and champagne?! Be still our hearts. 

For those who always order: margaritas
What it's made with: tequila, grapefruit, club soda
Refreshing, tequila-based, and easy to make - this is the best alternative to ordering a margarita. Just don't ask if it comes in frozen. 

For those who always order: gin and sodas
What it's made with: gin, lemon juice, sugar, soda
A Tom Collins is a reminiscent of spiking lemonade with gin - not that that is a bad thing. It's honestly the easiest way to add some interest to your gin & soda order...and all bartenders should learn how to make them; otherwise run far, far away. 

For those who always order: whiskey gingers
What it's made with: cognac, orange liqueur (triple sec), lemon juice
The sidecar came to prominence in the 1950s, and while whiskeys and cognacs are completely different spirits, they both fermet in a barrel and both tend to be a bit smoky in flavor. That, mixed with the sweetness of the triple sec and lemon, makes for a good strong drink. 

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