Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lulie Wallace

Lulie Wallace, a whimsical artist based in Charleston, is my inspiration for the day. Her beautiful paintings focus on blooming florals, expansive landscapes, bold and brilliant colors, and delightful interiors. I could find a place for at least one painting in every category for my dream home, but I particularly love her table setting pieces. What a darling addition to a breakfast room? In addition to her original pieces, prints, wallpaper, stationery, totes, pillows and more are available for purchase on her website
 P.S. - Lulie's Instagram account is tons of fun too :)

Enjoy some of the paintings from Lulie that stood out to me...and here is a brief statement from the artist:
"I really do think my paintings very much reflect who I am and what I'm attracted to in my everyday life. I am attracted to joyful, thoughtful people. I love bright, vibrant colors and often find inspiration in everyday items like a vintage Kilim rug, an unusual print on a blouse, or an envelope liner that contains a letter from a friend. I have a strong appreciation for the strange and quirky and I love a good exclamation mark (or two)!! I just get excited. I feel incredibly thankful to work in a job that I love and am passionate about. My hope is that my paintings simply bring a piece of joy to the homes they inhabit."

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