Wednesday, April 8, 2015

First Aid Kit

The Swedish folk duo is one of my new favorite sounds for spring. When I was visiting my friend Maddie a few weeks ago in Connecticut, she played some of their music and I totally loved their echoey ballads. I had heard "Silver Linings" on the radio before - they're not 'mainstream' yet, so I think it must have been the Spectrum on Sirius that played their tunes - and I recall really digging it.
A couple of their more popular songs (aka the ones with music videos on YouTube) are below for you to enjoy!
My other latest music obsession is One Direction (I know random. Since they went from five to four,  the other week, I have become totally into the guys & their music), that admitted, I think First Aid fits the bill better for Twirling Clare inspirations!
Who know, maybe some day down the line I'll throw in a few boy band lyrics & my hair doppleganger Harry Styles :) In the meantime, enjoy the songs - and have a great day, toodles!

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