Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Behind the Scenes at the MET Gala

I am sure you've seen many - if not all - of the MET Gala outfits this week. I think the most perfect headline to sum-up the fashions was from Monday's the skimm newsletter, "everyone went naked, except Rihanna who wore the sun." 
Unfortunately my invitation to China: Through the Looking Glass must have gotten lost in the mail (I really hope the mailman gets it right at least once in my lifetime), so I am not able to give you an authentic behind the scenes scoop...but if you would like a really quite fabulous recap on all of the looks from fashion's red carpet event, Mashable and Harper's Bazaar have the best photo collections of all of the outfits. 

Vogue posted some great "behind the scenes" photos of the gala. Lovely to see what goes on beyond the red carpet. The table decor is just divine, looks like it was a beautiful event!

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